Coastal walk: Werri Beach to Loves Bay

Walk Name: Werri Beach to Loves Bay

Location: Gerringong,  Northern end of Werri beach. Pacific Avenue. NSW
Time: 4 hours return
Distance: 12km return

Werri beach to loves bay
Park Entry fee:N/A Free. 
Wildlife: Birds, Fish, Wildflowers, Whales, Ocean, Cows

Special Interests: Photography, Beach, Swimming, Snorkeling, history

Experience Level required: Fitness Level:    6/10

This walk goes up and down a few steep hills. Some fitness is required.

Navigation Difficulty: 1/10. Extremely Easy.

This walk is extremely straightforward. It winds its way behind the beach starting at the gate near the lagoon. From here you simply follow the well-worn path until you reach Loves Bay. There are signposts along the way.

Overall rating:  9/10

A picturesque walk that has beautiful views and a number of nice places to stop and simply sit down to enjoy the view. We would highly recommend this walk. Just remember to bring a hat and sunscreen as there is not much shade on this walk.

Getting There:

Gerringong is located about 2 hours out of Sydney. Take the Gerringong exit from the princes highway (Fern street) then take the first left down Sandy Wha road and then left again onto pacific avenue. Follow it until you reach the end of the beach. There is a few parking spots or simple parallel parking.

Description of walk:

Get to the end of the beach and head left towards the lagoon.

There is a clear path that leads past a gate up into the hillside. Follow the path.

The first part starts with a slow gradual hill that lead us past some dairy cows. Gerringong is dairy farm country so you will see a few cows and farms as the walk continues. Don’t even bother trying to get them to come to you. They don’t want to know you!

Along the walk you will also pass several small volcanic looking rocky beaches typical of the south coast. On a calm day these look like they might offer some good snorkeling. The final beach at Loves Bay has the best protection from the ocean swell. Spearfishing is also allowed at these beaches. Judging by the haul that a group of Spearos we saw managed to catch, it seems like a bit of a hidden secret spot for those in the know.

Werri beach to loves bay



Werri beach to loves bay













Loves Bay











Strike a pose Mel!


To be honest, I’m a bit jealous of this Bulls digs!



So green!


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