Searching for the perfect Christmas

Christmas is a hectic time of year. It is hard to imagine life before Christmas was a thing. Some part of me wishes it didn’t exist. This constant need to show off wealth and give in to gluttony.

But it really is a double-edged sword of sorts.

On one side it is about friends, family and taking time to enjoy and be grateful for all we have in this short life. It is about love, laughter and happiness.

On the other there is a giant expectation that you will give everyone the perfect gift and cook the best lunch or dinner. The dog eat dog shopping Olympics, where people fight over the last ham, toy, pudding….anything. Is never an enjoyable experience.

In some ways Christmas encourages people to give to those less fortunate. But does a small pittance once a year help bring someone out of poverty? The ones who return to normality after the holiday season and are inevitable asked what did you get for Christmas. Can they tell you they got nothing because they were too poor to buy presents? Or is it easier for them to lie?

How about we ask ourselves what would the prefect Christmas look like?


For me the perfect Christmas is all about the food….
Good food shared with family, from my Nan’s Christmas stuffing (It is a bit like a meatloaf, and is always the first thing we go for when the eating begins), the dinner we cook For Andy’s Parents (It is always something we have never cooked before but wanted to try) and finally ending in the Christmas puddings.
It is a day of ultimate food gluttony, but it is ultimately what I look forward to the most.

For others it is perfectly wrapped presents under a colour coordinated tree. Or the act of giving and receiving. The streets full of light displays, snow-covered buildings or eggnog by a warm fire.

At the end of the day there is no such thing as perfect, because everyone version of perfect is different.
But perhaps it can be said that the universal ideal ; involves the gift of the spirit.

” Love, Laughter, Happiness and Hope for a Brighter future.”

Without these things life cannot flourish. So at this time of year, take some time to cherish the love of family, laugh at the silly hats, smile when you open your crackers and remember the future is what you make it.

Then when it is over, remember that there are people less fortunate than you and they too deserve the gift of spirit.

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