Sea Kayaking – 3 hours – Middle Harbour

An Outdoor experience we would recommend in a heartbeat.

Sea Kayaking

If you are looking for a memorable outdoor experience in Sydney, than sea kayaking is ideal. We booked a 3-hour experience through red balloon. The company running this experience is Sydney Harbour Kayaks. We had never been sea kayaking before however, were able to pick it up quickly enough with minimal direction. It is more about technique than strength and once you wrap your head around what feet you need to use to go in a specific direction it was actually quite enjoyable.

3 hours is a bit long if all you want to do is paddle around however, there are numerous beaches you can visit that allow you to relax a little before returning. The biggest hurdle worrying you would get in the way of the boats that were travelling through the area, but so long as you are aware of what is going on around you there is really nothing to worry about.


We would recommend this to anyone looking for something different to do on a sunny weekend. It was a pleasant day out on the water. Just make sure you put sunscreen on and I would recommend a secure hat to make sure you do not get too burnt.  The only downside was we both got blisters on our hands, but with a good pair of exercise gloves and improved technique, this could be eliminated.This is definitely not a deal breaker as the overall experience far outweighs a few blisters.

Sea Kayaking

Overall experience score:  8/10

Sydney Harbour Kayaks:

Plenty of ticket parking is available, however if you are willing to walk a bit further there is free parking up the side of the hill.

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday: 9AM to 5PM
Saturday & Sunday: 7.30AM – 5PM

81 Parriwi Road – Smiths Boat Shed
The Spit Bridge, Mosman 2088
Sea Kayaking

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