New years resolutions a thing of the past.

The time has come for New Years Resolutions.

New years resolutions

A list of goals and objectives for me to achieve in the new year. But, you know what? I have never been one to set myself boundaries or limits. You never know what life has in store for you around the corner.

What if instead of making a list of things to do or quit we instead came up with a motto for how we intend to live the next year.

Perhaps you want more adventure or more time to relax. To travel or explore different cultures. Whatever, it is set yourself a motto around it.

For Adventure; “Climb every mountain”.

For relaxation; “Feet up, Wine glass full”.

For travel “The world is my home”.

For me personally, well I would very much like some time for me. Time, where I do not have to worry about other people and their problems. Time, where I can breathe. So my motto for the New Year will be;

“A little bit for me. A lot for life”.

With that said, we wish you all a Wonderful New Year where all your dreams come true.


New Years resolutions

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