About The Melted Popsicle

Wish we had a funny anecdote as to how The Melted Popsicle came to be. In all honesty, it is the product of a random word spasm.

When we talked Popsicle’s a myriad of colours smashed us in the face. As they melted the colours mixed in perfect harmony. They broke free of their pigeon hole. We are a couple who has very particular interests in many subjects. We try to be interested in each other’s interests as it is what makes us unique.

The melted popsicle is a place for everyone, with the premise that no two popsicle’s melt the same.

The Melted Popsicle’s:

Melted PopsicleMel: Think DIY, crafts, making jewellery, beading, reading, writing, photography, design, art, animals, food and anything aesthetically pleasing (personal style, fashion, colourful nails, kick arse accessories etc).

One word to describe Mel: Eclectic

Partner in Crime

The Melted Popsicle- About: Andy

Andy: Always on a never-ending journey of learning and discovery in his many interests. Fascinated by machines of all kinds, loves the outdoors and the ocean. A bit of a history buff, loves to eat and cook, a keen photographer, a bit of a coffee/beer/spirits nerd, loves animals and is interested in art and industrial design among many other things…

One word to describe Andy: Obsessive


Our main interests are photography, nature, eating, drinking and creating.
Lately, you will see an emphasis on where we are eating and what adventures we are going on.
Andy has also got his photos up on Instagram.
Be sure to check out his feed for constant updates on his amazing photographs.

P.S If you want an AVATAR like ours head to Doll Divine!