Beer Review: Hop Dog Beer Works Super Beast 2015

Country: Australia                                Style: Dark Barley Wine                          ABV: 10.5%                                          Body:9/10

Note: Best served slightly chilled. Leave out of the fridge for 1hr+ before drinking.Pour into room temp glass

Appearance: Described by the brewery as being one shade darker than a black hole. The beer pours pitch black, with a coffee coloured head that soon disappears. Beer is thick and clings to the glass like oil. Not filtered. Bottle conditioned with plenty of sediment. (Needs a roll on the bench before pouring and swill around the last 10% in the bottle. So you don’t miss out on all that yeasty goodness).

Aroma: Dark roasted malts dominate the nose. Bold, intense fresh roasted coffee beans, vanilla,dark caramel, very dark chocolate, blueberries, bitter marmalade. Subtle smokiness.

Taste: This beer more than lives up to its name. Wow! Rich creamy vanilla then moves to some sweet caramel. Which gets run over by a freight train of dark roasted coffee and very dark chocolate. This flavour at first seems to completely dominate the beer, but if you concentrate hard enough you will taste some hoppy piney/bitter citrus flavours hiding behind the wall of dark roasted malt.This beer has been massively hopped to stand up to all that malt.

Mouthfeel is thick and oily.The finish is amazingly long with very dark chocolate, blueberries and pine flavours continuing forever. A fair bit of warmth coming from all that alcohol. Flavour balance is definitely slanted towards bitterness but has a lot of depth and complexity once you get past the initial onslaught of dark roasty toastyness.

I’d bet this beer could keep for 5 or 10 years (if you could be bothered) and would probably soften of some of it’s rough edges. A true beast of a beer! Take your time with this one (it’s 2.7 std drinks per 330ml bottle!). Perfect to sip after dinner in front of a fire on a cold winters night!

Rating: 88/100 

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