A box called Feminism


Feminism in a nutshell focuses on achieving equality for women. It is not about a womans superiority but simply our right to have the same voice, choices and freedom of our male counterparts.


Throw cultural equality into this mix and you start to wonder if we need a new term to define what we mean by equal rights for women.

Perhaps it is too centred. By focusing on a microcosm, are we in fact limiting the opportunity for growth of the human condition?

Feminism raises awareness of issues such as domestic violence, of glass ceiling management structures that are ruled by men and of a women’s role in the home. These are all barriers we need to break through. But is feminism the answer?

Perhaps, instead of vilifying all men and praising all women what we really need is to focus on the basics.  “Treat others the way you wish to be treated”. We need to throw out the rule books on what it is to be a white man/white women, black man/black women, rich/poor, educated/uneducated, heterosexual/ homosexual/transsexual/bisexual etc and focus on what it is to be;


I believe that a lot of the hatred that is rampant in our society comes from ignorance mixed with ancestral belief. For example; if your father does not like gay men then you will likely be predisposed to this view and may develop the same view as an adult.

So, the million or perhaps trillion-dollar question is how do we break this cycle?

Often, we have put the onus on our children to build a better society. A society we ourselves don’t know how to build. But, what if we started laying the ground work. Encouraging others to be more open and curious about the world and the people within it. We need to say enough is enough and take a stand for all our rights as human beings.

So is this where feminism leads?

By taking a stand on one aspect of equality are feminists hoping the others will follow? A step in chipping away at social ideals and predisposition. With marriage or social equality to follow in its wake. All of which are related. Would not taking a standing up for equality for all mean more? Do feminists care for overall equality or are they too busy pushing their own agenda?

Add to this the question what actually defines a true feminist? I wonder whether some women jump on the band wagon for social status and not true belief in equality. Every persons version or ethos on what this equality looks like is different.

Ultimately, what it comes down to is a right to be ourselves with no limits or barriers to our success. Ownership of ones body and the ability to build the life we want without being pigeonholed into a box. Is feminism another box?

In light of this, I know. I am not a feminist! For no box or label can ever truly encompass or contain my views or changing opinions. But, no matter how hard I try not to be labeled there is one word to describe me I cannot escape.

I am Human.

To quote Shakespeare:

“If you prick us, do we not bleed?”

Instead of labelling, condemning or judging yourself and others harshly. I urge you to remember we are all humans trying to survive this thing called life.






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