DIY Shrink Plastic. Let’s Shrink IT! Easy! Great for beginners.

DIY Shrink plastic final

YAY YEAH! My first Kick arse DIY Shrink Plastic.
über excited… It isn’t the most original out there I will grant you that.
But, it is where I really started my love affair for DIY.

Shrink Plastic is a plastic sheet that shrinks when put in the oven. You can get inkjet printable versions (my preferred choice) or normal versions you simply draw straight onto.

1. I set up my printable designs using adobe  illustrator. The designs get darker as they shrink so I use more pastel colours and make the print brighter in my printer settings menu.
illustrator desaturate

P.S You can also desaturate the images in your editing program as well.

2. I then hit print wait for the print to dry. Once dry (It does not take too long at all, a few minutes or so) I cut out my designs. I like to have a white edge on some of my designs and not on others. It is up to you how you cut them out.

DIY Shrink plastic 1 print

DIY Shrink plastic 2 cut out

. Now, because we rent (the oven is the only appliance the landlord has to legally provide) our oven is cheap and in general not too reliable. To overcome this, I only put one line of shrink plastic in at a time. I found if I try to do too

many at once the hotter spots in my oven result in my creations shrinking at different rates. I set my oven to 160C. You will need a baking tray and some greaseproof paper (never put shrink plastic on the tray without the paper or so I am told. Not quite sure why but I imagine it would probably stick, melt, erupt etc).
DIY Shrink plastic 3DIY Shrink plastic in oven 5


4. Place your shrink plastic on the baking paper. If you have large pieces of shrink plastic I also recommend putting a piece of paper on top. (shrink plastic curls when baked but when done should be flat) Put your tray in the over for 3 minutes I make sure my pieces of shrink plastic are close to the door. Once 3 minutes is done take them out.

5. While they are still hot I like to  push down on them using a coffee taper wrapped in baking paper. Wait for it to cool and Voila your little gems of plastic are complete.

DIY Shrink plastic press downDIY Shrink plastic final


You can turn them into earrings using flat stud blank findings, brooches or attach a bail and make them into necklaces, the possibilities are endless. Hope you enjoy.

Examples of my shrink plastic stud earrings;



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