DIY Owl Drop Earrings

How to make some super cute Owl Drop Earrings.

You will need:

2 eye pins
2 ear hooks
2-4 flat back charms
beads of your choice


Round nose pliers
Bent chain nose pliers
Bamboo Skewer


1. Apply a bit of E6000 glue to the back of one of your flat back charms using the bamboo skewer. (optional, you can use a single charm as well)
– Oh and I totally jinxed myself; “only a little bit of glue I said”, then I needed more. Haha – Lesson is use as much as you think you need.

2. Glue one of the other charms to the back of the first.

3. Repeat steps 1 &2 with the other charms.

4. Open the eye pin using the round nose pliers and add the ear hook. Re-close the eye pin. Repeat with the second. (The correct technique is to twist the eye loop to the side slightly, I have to admit I got a bit lazy with this tutorial)

5. Feed your beads onto the eye pin.

6. Using the round nose pliers create a loop in the opposite direction of the eye pin loop.

7. Trim off excess wire, add your charm and close the loop.

8. Repeat with the second earring.

There you have it a cute, stylish pair of owl drop earrings ready in under 10 minutes. This super quick tutorial is great for beginners.  I hope you like this tutorial I plan on doing more.

These would make a great DIY gift. I also like to make earrings to match what I am wearing. I normally whip up a pair before I leave my house.
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