DIY Floral Ring Stand


You will need:

  • A small plate
  • Fake flowers
  • E6000 Glue (or any other strong glue)
  • A wooden coaster (optional)



  1. Place your design on your plate and work out where you want to place in.Ring
  2. Apply an amble layer of glue to the bottom of the flowers and press them onto the plate.RingRingRing
  3. You can either leave your design like this or choose to stick down the optional coaster in the middle. I used the coaster to help the rings stand out more. It would lend itself to being painted or you can  stick some green felt to the coaster and trim around the edged before gluing it in.
    Ring Ring

There you have it, this simple DIY Ring holder is so easy anyone can do it.

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