DIY Bookmark String

I really enjoy reading but I often found that a traditional bookmark would easily fall out of place. I also decided I wanted something a bit more personal. So I created a bookmark string with beads and a charm on both ends. The beads and charm add weight to the bookmark and help it stay in place.

Also between you and me, it is much more interesting to swirl and fidget with than those silly fidget spinners.

You will need:

  • x3  70cm pieces Cord or string  (I used mercerised cotton in two colours)
  • x 16 Beads of your choosing ( I used different sizes, you don’t want the beaded and charm section to be more than 10cm. My Beads measured about 6 cm)
  • x2 charms of your choosing.  (the charm I used was a 3cm Arrow head)
  • x4 Wire guardians
  • Tiger tail (2x 20cm pieces)
  • x4 crimp beads (I recommend using the tube kind)
  • E6000 Glue
  • x2 Leather crimps
  • Bulldog clip (optional)
  • x4 Crimp covers


1. Braid the 3 pieces of string together. See How to Braid.

2. Fold the string in half and cut. Measure 25 cm on both pieces of string and cut off any excess.

3. Apply a small dab of glue to the end and add the leather crimp by placing the string on top of the leather crimp, then folding over both sides into the centre. Crimping the string together. Repeat on the other end.
bookmark bookmark









4. Measure x 1 20cm pieces of tiger tail. Fold the tiger tail in half and thread a wire guardian onto that end.

5. Add your charm, threading it over and into the centre of the wire guardian. Then add a crimp bead, and crimp the end, finishing with a dab of glue. Add a crimp cover over the top and close using pliers.


bookmark bookmark










6. Begin threading your beaded combination. When you are happy with the arrangement and combination of your beads, thread on a crimp bead and the braided string.











7. Place the wire guardian onto one end of your wire.

It should look like this;









8. Loop the wire guardian through the leather crimp loop. Then thread the remaining wire through the other side of the wire guardian. Cross the wires over, inside the crimp end loop.


9. Now for the tricky part, feed the wire back through the wire guardian on either side and then down into and out of the crimp bead. Pull tight.

10. Once the wire is pulled tight and firmly secured. Crimp the crimp bead. Cut off the excess wire.

11. Add a dab of glue and cover with a crimp cover.


12. Repeat steps 5 to 11 for the other side of the bookmark string.

There you have it my DIY Bookmark string. This is highly versatile and can be customised to suit your personal style.


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