Bushwalk: Dharug National Park- Devines Hill

Walk Name: Dharug National Park Devines Hill

Location: Settlers Road, Gunderman (about 500m west of the car ferry)
Time: Return walk 2 hours.
Distance: 4.4Km
Map: Walks around Wiseman Ferry
Wildlife: 3/10.
Some bird life but overall not much to see in terms of wildlife.
Special Interests: 9/10
Australian History, numerous points of interest along the way.

Experience Level required:

**Score out of Ten with Ten meaning advanced bush walkers only. **
Fitness Level: 5/10
Navigation Difficulty: 1/10
Overall rating: 6/10

Description of walk:

Our first walk is best described as a tranquil stroll up a slow sloping hill steeped in history.
Located a few minutes drive away from Wisemans Ferry this walk follows the original Great North road, also known as the convicts trail. This road was built between 1826 to 1834 by convict labour. Those who have an interest in Australian history will find this walk especially fascinating. The walk starts at a signposted gate with a small parking area opposite.

Dharug National Park Devines Hill

The walk gradually climbs up a constant (but slightly steep, yet manageable) gradient till it eventually reaches the top of the ridge. Along the way there are many points of interest with information signs explaining the construction of the road and the conditions the convicts had to endure.

Dharug National Park Devines HillDharug National Park Devines Hill


There are also some cast iron sculptures to help you imagine how it all came to be. The path itself is wide, well maintained and signposted. It is an ideal walk for inexperienced bush walkers of average fitness as there is one way up and you simply turn around at the top and come back down.

Dharug National Park Devines HillDharug National Park Devines Hill


We stopped at the top and ate lunch before we made the trip down. It is a good walk to start around 11, you reach the top around 12, eat lunch and come back down. A good day out had by all.

Dharug National Park Devines HillDharug National Park Devines Hill


There is also an alternative walk Finch’s Line down if you prefer to see new things, however this alternative walk will take you around another 2 and a half hours to complete so it is important to allow enough time.

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