Beer Review: Delirium Tremens


     Country: Belgium                                         ABV: 8.5%

     Style: Belgian Strong Ale                           Body: 7/10


Pours cloudy bright gold. A decent sized head dissapates down to a foamy skin that clings to the glass. Not filtered and not bottle conditioned.



Spicy, clovy and yeasty. Berry flavoured bubble gum. Sour dough bread. Orange citrusyness.



Damn! These Belgians know how to brew beer!  Strangely, Delirium Tremens  is named after psychotic condition that alcoholics face during alcohol withdrawal (better known as DT’s). I have no doubt if you drink enough of these you could  this condition first Hand!

The beer starts off with a rich, creamy maltyness which then gets taken over by sweet/tangy/bitter/tingly sensation on the back of the tongue. All of these flavors and sensations seem to arrive at the same time and is a bit confusing at first and is difficult to decipher.

There are sweet berries (not sure what kind), some kind of bitter tangy fruityness (rubarb?). A lingering resonius hoppy bitterness and a touch of spicyness from the yeast. All of this happens at the same time and seems to just go off in your mouth like a multi layed flavor bomb!

The finish is alcoholic, tangy and dry, a bit like a dry white wine. A bit of warmth can be felt as it goes down due to its substantial alcohol content. The presence of alcohol in the flavor and the drinking experience instead of being “rough” is actually expertly measured and I think really makes this beer.

This is a curious one. A beer you could drink on many different occasions and still not get to the bottom of what  you are tasting. Facinating! It comes in a cool bottle too!


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